Blues Breakers

Jimmy Mac
Birthplace: USA!
Where’d I Grow Up: Chicago.
Birthday: Just one.
Sign: Of the times.
Marital Status: Ask my wife.
Siblings: Is that what you call them?
Kids: Yes, and I am one.
Pets: Daisy " the attention hound"
Favorite All-Time Artist: Too many choices
Favorite New Artist: Demetri Martin.
Favorite New Album: Surfers Pajama Party; The Centurions.
Favorite All-Time CD: A Diamond on Vinyl.
3 Desert Island Discs: They have electricity on desert islands? Way Cool!
Favorite Song Lyric:
  When she moves her hips
  Down to her fingertips
  I feel I’m Heaven bound
  And when she starts to sway
  I’ve got to say
  She really moves her grass around
  Rock a hula baby (you’re mine)!
First Concert Attended: Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
Favorite Local Restaurant: Hamburger Habit (aka the Habit).
Favorite Place Hangout: KTYD studio.
Hobbies: Selling all the stuff from my old hobbies.
Favorite Actor: Alan Rickman.
Favorite Movie: Treasure of the Sierra Madre.
Favorite TV Show: Twilight Zone.
Favorite Sports Team: Banana Slugs (UCSC) Favorite Website: Google news.
What are you passionate about: Audio (and the blues).
Nickname Growing Up: Reno(it’s a long story).
People would be shocked if they knew that I don’t have a cell phone.


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